EIJ18 Call for Program Proposals

Deadline for Submissions: January 18, 2018

The Radio Television Digital News Association and Society of Professional Journalists are accepting program proposals for their Excellence in Journalism 2018 conference. If you have an idea for a conference session and are interested in taking part in the conference, please submit your proposal after reviewing the below information and agreeing to the terms.

Conference Schedule

SPJ and RTDNA will determine the time that programs are presented. Programs will be scheduled for September 27-29 in Baltimore after the selection process.

Producers whose programs are accepted will have the opportunity to indicate what days/times work best. But generally producers should prepare programs that could be presented on any of the conference’s three days.

Types of Programs Sought

EIJ seeks program proposals that are informative and educational. The primary focus of EIJ is to be an educational, skills-building, career-oriented conference with high-caliber training. EIJ planners seek sessions teaching in-depth skills with one or two trainers. If you are proposing a panel discussion, please explain in the proposal why this topic is both 1) necessary for discussion at EIJ and 2) needs to be done in a panel format rather than as one-person skills training session.

How Programs Are Reviewed

EIJ volunteers and staff on the programming committee review program proposals based on originality, relevance, program design, learning objectives, knowledge and experience/qualifications of trainers, and variety of programming overall. Proposals with as much information as possible and are thorough and detailed in their description will stand a better chance of being accepted.

Duties of Producer

Please do not submit a program proposal if you cannot fulfill the following duties of a program producer.

If accepted onto the conference program, the person submitting the proposal:
— does not have to be a speaker at the program at the conference (but can be).
— agrees to serve as the liaison between the EIJ staff and any session participant(s).
— will be responsible for the coordination and execution of the session in coordination with EIJ staff.
— will work with EIJ staff to ensure all speakers associated with the session are registered for the conference by the deadlines given by staff.

Number of Programs Accepted From Proposers

In an effort to diversify and keep the EIJ lineup fresh, and to ensure participation from as many people as possible who seek to present programming, the EIJ18 programming committee will select a maximum of only two (2) proposals from any proposer/producer. You may propose more than two, but only a maximum of two will be selected.

Speaker Expenses

EIJ does not provide honoraria for speakers at the conference. Speakers are responsible for their travel and lodging expenses. Speakers are also responsible for their conference registration fees. The only exception to the registration fee for speakers is for the speaker who is attending for their program only. In that situation, the speaker’s registration is complimentary (no meals are included).

Review and Notification Process

After the proposal review process is complete, email notifications will be sent in April to those whose proposals were accepted. Email notifications for declined proposals will be sent around the same time.

Submit your proposal

Checking this box indicates you have reviewed the above information and understand and agree to the terms if your proposal is accepted. The programming committee will not review program proposals from proposers who do not agree to the terms.

Please follow this link to submit your proposal.

Since 2011, the Society of Professional Journalists and the Radio Television Digital News Association have partnered to host an annual conference that provides journalists with the industry’s best training and networking opportunities. The conference was named the Excellence in Journalism (EIJ) conference in order to provide an opportunity for other organizations to partner with SPJ and RTDNA on the event. For more on the conference, visit excellenceinjournalism.org.

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