June 1st, 2017

Need a Roommate for EIJ17?

If you would like to know about other EIJ17 attendees who are interested in sharing the cost of a hotel room in Anaheim this coming September, please feel free post your request in the comments section of this post. You should include the following information:

— Name
— City
— SPJ Chapter Affiliation (if any)
— E-mail address
— Phone number
— Indicate whether you are male or female
— Indicate your smoking preference

  • markpitsch

    Mark PItsch of Madison (WI) Pro seeking room share. Male, n/s. mpitsch AT madison.com. Thanks.

    • Jefferson Tyler

      I’m looking to room with someone. I grew up in Wisconsin. Should be a good match. Let me know asap if you still have it available please


      • markpitsch

        Sorry. Found someone. Will contact you if it falls through.

  • Libbe HaLevy

    Female non-drinker, non-smoker seeks room share three nights, Fri-Mon.

  • Jasmin Adous

    Jasmin Adous, Richmond, VCU Chapter, adousja@vcu.edu, (571)-275-2656, Female, non-smoker, for 2 nights

  • Susan

    Female, non-drinker, non-smoker. Have room at nearby hotel for cheaper than conference hotel (plus free internet), so looking for someone cool with walking 2 to 4 blocks. (I actually have a couple of reserved options. Can discuss via email.) Sat-Wed, 4 nights (Or any mixture if you’re not staying that long.) svalot -at- yahoo.com I’m also on the SPJ freelance committee.

    • Susan

      Roommate found! Thanks!

  • Margaret Carmel

    Female, non-drinker, non-smoker. Checking in Friday night check in (late) and checking out Tuesday morning. My email is mlc.carmel1@gmail.com if you want to discuss it.

    • Are you staying at the main hotel? Are you still looking for a roommate? Have you already booked a room?

  • Liz Enochs

    Female non-smoker, staying 4 nights. I arrive late Saturday and leave on Wednesday. Liz [at] lizenochs [dot] com. (415)608-0220

  • Lisa Di

    Looking for a roommate for mon night 9/19. Have the room at the conference hotel booked already but can cancel if you prefer a different location.
    My roommate is leaving mon but im staying until tues. Female and non smoker!

    Email me newsie33@gmail.com

  • Raven Marshall

    My name is Raven Marshall (female) Sicangu Lakota, looking for a roommate Sat-Tues at the Sheraton. Non-smoker. I haven’t booked yet. email ravenedith11@gmail.com.

  • Jefferson Tyler

    Looking for someone with a room. I’m fairly friendly. Not messy.

  • I need a room and a roommate! Donna Francavilla, from Birmingham, Al, non-smoking, female, 205-243-1233; Saturday-Wednesday; newsmom@gmail.com.

  • markpitsch

    I’m scheduled to arrive 4 pm Sat. Looking to share a taxi to Sheraton. 608-TWO ZERO SIX-0219. Mark Pitsch, Madison WI

  • markpitsch

    Any 11th hour interest in sharing a room? I have a reservation Sat-Tue. 608-TWO ZERO SIX-0219. Mark Pitsch, Madison WI

  • Maylan Lamhut Studart

    Any other journalism students interested in sharing a room to share costs?

    • Rosario Domínguez

      hey! are you still looking for a roommate?

      • Claudia Roblessi

        yes I am please text me or email me

      • Nathaly

        Do you guys have room for one more?

    • Claudia Roblessi

      yes I am

    • Maylan Lamhut Studart

      Sorry, all, I managed to get the cheapest Airbnb 2 miles away. Won’t be staying at the hotel, but hope to meet you there!!

  • Claudia Roblessi

    Eleh Rob
    San Diego
    San Diego City College
    I dont smoke, and dont mind it either.

  • Nathaly


    • Alicia Liana

      Are you still looking for a roommate?

  • Sasha Gómez

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2886a5f53d77fdf51128677de80225c472562c593f5941197b4e25e988a58115.jpg Name: Sasha Gómez
    From: Ventura County, California
    Affiliation: RTDNA, Reel Media Group, Recent Graduate from California State University of Northridge.
    Email: info@sashagomez.com
    Phone: 818-964-3245
    P.S. I’m looking for someone who wants to have a blast with me at Disneyland! I’m 30yrs old & have never been! Someone who wouldn’t mind staying till the 11th so that we can go on the 10th.


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