June 1st, 2017

Need a Roommate for EIJ18?

If you would like to know about other EIJ18 attendees who are interested in sharing the cost of a hotel room in Baltimore this coming September, please feel free post your request in the comments section of this post. You should include the following information:

— Name
— City
— SPJ Chapter Affiliation (if any)
— E-mail address
— Phone number
— Indicate whether you are male or female
— Indicate your smoking preference

  • markpitsch

    Mark PItsch of Madison (WI) Pro seeking room share. Male, n/s. mpitsch AT madison.com. Thanks.

    • Jefferson Tyler

      I’m looking to room with someone. I grew up in Wisconsin. Should be a good match. Let me know asap if you still have it available please


      • markpitsch

        Sorry. Found someone. Will contact you if it falls through.

  • Libbe HaLevy

    Female non-drinker, non-smoker seeks room share three nights, Fri-Mon.

  • Jasmin Adous

    Jasmin Adous, Richmond, VCU Chapter, adousja@vcu.edu, (571)-275-2656, Female, non-smoker, for 2 nights

  • Susan

    Female, non-drinker, non-smoker. Have room at nearby hotel for cheaper than conference hotel (plus free internet), so looking for someone cool with walking 2 to 4 blocks. (I actually have a couple of reserved options. Can discuss via email.) Sat-Wed, 4 nights (Or any mixture if you’re not staying that long.) svalot -at- yahoo.com I’m also on the SPJ freelance committee.

    • Susan

      Roommate found! Thanks!

  • Margaret Carmel

    Female, non-drinker, non-smoker. Checking in Friday night check in (late) and checking out Tuesday morning. My email is mlc.carmel1@gmail.com if you want to discuss it.

    • Are you staying at the main hotel? Are you still looking for a roommate? Have you already booked a room?

  • Liz Enochs

    Female non-smoker, staying 4 nights. I arrive late Saturday and leave on Wednesday. Liz [at] lizenochs [dot] com. (415)608-0220

  • Lisa Di

    Looking for a roommate for mon night 9/19. Have the room at the conference hotel booked already but can cancel if you prefer a different location.
    My roommate is leaving mon but im staying until tues. Female and non smoker!

    Email me newsie33@gmail.com

  • Raven Marshall

    My name is Raven Marshall (female) Sicangu Lakota, looking for a roommate Sat-Tues at the Sheraton. Non-smoker. I haven’t booked yet. email ravenedith11@gmail.com.

  • Jefferson Tyler

    Looking for someone with a room. I’m fairly friendly. Not messy.

  • I need a room and a roommate! Donna Francavilla, from Birmingham, Al, non-smoking, female, 205-243-1233; Saturday-Wednesday; newsmom@gmail.com.

  • markpitsch

    I’m scheduled to arrive 4 pm Sat. Looking to share a taxi to Sheraton. 608-TWO ZERO SIX-0219. Mark Pitsch, Madison WI

  • markpitsch

    Any 11th hour interest in sharing a room? I have a reservation Sat-Tue. 608-TWO ZERO SIX-0219. Mark Pitsch, Madison WI

  • Maylan Lamhut Studart

    Any other journalism students interested in sharing a room to share costs?

    • Rosario Domínguez

      hey! are you still looking for a roommate?

      • Claudia Roblessi

        yes I am please text me or email me

      • Nathaly

        Do you guys have room for one more?

    • Claudia Roblessi

      yes I am

    • Maylan Lamhut Studart

      Sorry, all, I managed to get the cheapest Airbnb 2 miles away. Won’t be staying at the hotel, but hope to meet you there!!

  • Claudia Roblessi

    Eleh Rob
    San Diego
    San Diego City College
    I dont smoke, and dont mind it either.

  • Nathaly


    • Alicia Liana

      Are you still looking for a roommate?

      • Lisa Sahl

        Hi Alicia, If you didn’t find someone I am looking for a roommate at this hotel.

  • Sasha Gómez

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2886a5f53d77fdf51128677de80225c472562c593f5941197b4e25e988a58115.jpg Name: Sasha Gómez
    From: Ventura County, California
    Affiliation: RTDNA, Reel Media Group, Recent Graduate from California State University of Northridge.
    Email: info@sashagomez.com
    Phone: 818-964-3245
    P.S. I’m looking for someone who wants to have a blast with me at Disneyland! I’m 30yrs old & have never been! Someone who wouldn’t mind staying till the 11th so that we can go on the 10th.

    • Breanna Molloy

      I’m not looking for a roommate but I’d love to join you guys at Disney if you’re still going! Sounds like a blast! I’ll shoot you an email.

      Name: Breanna Molloy
      Affiliation: RTDNA, Reel Media Group
      Phone: 714-787-6039
      MMJ, Lafayette Louisiana

  • Breanna Molloy

    I’m staying with my parents about 15 minutes away in the city of Orange. If there are any girls on a really strict budget and who need a place to stay you’re welcome to stay there. We have a couch in the living room and a guest room we can put an air mattress on. It’s not the most comfortable but it’s free. You’re welcome to catch a ride to the conference with me as well.

    Name: Breanna Molloy
    Affil: RTDNA
    Email: BreannaNMolloy@gmail.com
    PHone: 714-787-6039
    No Smoking

    • Valeria RS

      Hi Breanna,

      I sent you an email wondering if this is still an available option from the night of the 6th through the 9th. Thanks a lot!


      • Breanna Molloy

        Hi Valeria! I’m sorry but someone else already requested the room. Good luck! I hope to run into you there!

  • Silvia Pereida

    Silvia Pereida
    Eugene, Oregon
    (626) 428-0804 (I am originally from SoCAL)
    I am looking to split costs– at the Anaheim Marriot (where the convention is being held) from Sept 7th-Sept 10th (check out)

    • Lisa Sahl

      Hi there – I am looking to share a room and coming from NYC…. My phone # is 646-644-7217. I will be coming for the same three nights… I haven’t made my airfare arrangements yet – you can also reach me at lisa2writer@yahoo.com. I lived in So CA for a decade but am now based in NYC. If you haven’t found someone to room with – I am also looking for someone friendly to hang out with a little bit…. I am not a student; I’m a working professional but looking to jumpstart my career by working for a larger media outlet.

    • Lisa Sahl

      Hi that’s what I’m looking to do. How do you like living in Eugene, OR?

    • Denise Casas

      Hi Silva,
      I am searching for a roommate, I am from the San Gabriel Valley.

  • christopher Linares

    — Name: Christopher Linares

    — City: Los Angeles

    — SPJ Chapter Affiliation (if any): SPJ, RTDNA— From: Cal State University, Northridge

    — E-mail address: CHRISTOPHER LINARES

    — Phone number: 213-245-5052

    — Indicate whether you are male or female: Does not matter

    — Indicate your smoking preference; DOES NOT MATTER

    • Peter Mustafa Jones

      Hey Christopher. Let me know if you’re still looking to share a room.

  • Lisa Sahl

    Coming from NYC. Lived in LA for a decade so know my way around. Email: lisa2writer@yahoo.com. Female. Smoke only721very very occasionally and won’t be doing that in the room. Phone: 646-644-7217. Want to find someone to share a room with. Sept 7 – 10th.

    • Muhammad Ittefaq

      Do you still need roommate? I am looking for that.
      Thank you

      • Lisa Sahl

        Yes – I still need a roommate. What days/nights are you coming in? Do you think it’s cool to share male/female? I have had male roommates – but typically had my own room – and my own bathroom.

        • Muhammad Ittefaq

          Yeah I think it’s cool for me I am ok with that

        • Muhammad Ittefaq

          Are you using what’s app?

        • Muhammad Ittefaq

          Should I send you email or will you confirm me here?

          • Lisa Sahl

            Send me an email. Let me know what dates. you are coming in – what time you are coming in – how many nights and other details. We’ll take it from there. I’m on what’s app but I’ve never used it.

          • Muhammad Ittefaq

            Email sent. Please share what’s app number if you have one.

          • Lisa Sahl

            Ok. I have never used it – so I’m not sure if I know how to use it. But meanwhile I haven’t received your email. Will respond as soon as I do.

          • Lisa Sahl

            I never got the email. My email is lisa2writer@yahoo.com

          • Muhammad Ittefaq

            Dear Lisa,
            I have sent email twice. It also shows in my sent folder. Can you write me an email now? ittefaqmuhammad1@gmail.com

          • Lisa Sahl

            I just send an email – Please confirm receipt.

          • Muhammad Ittefaq

            I got the email and replied.
            Thank you

      • Lisa Sahl

        Muhammed, Are you still looking for a room and open to sharing? I would like to do Friday night or late afternoon through Sunday morning arrangement so that I have privacy while I’m preparing for a few things – as I mentioned I’m interviewing with one of the networks so things will be stressful when I first arrive until late Friday afternoon. That’s two nights of the three. But if you’re interested, you need to get in touch with me so we can coordinate and work things out.

  • Megan Joseph

    Hi! I need a roommate for the conference in either the Marriott or one of the hotels nearby.

    I’m a female student from NJ and I’ll be at the conference on Thursday night.

    Let me know if you need to share a room.

    – Megan

    • Brianna Bonds

      Hi Megan, also from NJ, need to be there Thursday morning to evening. Planning to room from Wed. evening to Fri. morning. Are you still looking for a roommate?

  • Diana

    I’m going to the Convention and need a room for the 7th and 8th as I’m leaving at 12:25 a.m. on the 9th. I tried to book at the hotel but it was booked. So, if anyone wants to share to help reduce their costs I am interested. I do not smoke.
    Diana – 516-848-4867 – dderosa1@optonline.net I’m with the Long Island PCLI Chapter.

    • Lisa Sahl

      Hi Diana, I just booked a room with two double beds – and would like to find. a roommate to share the costs. Your schedule is fine with me. I am coming from NYC also. I am a member of the SPJ – You can reach me at 646-644-7217. I will also send you an email. My email is lisa2writer@yahoo.com.

  • Lauren Davidson

    Lauren Davidson. From Denver, but will be flying in from Kansas City. I don’t smoke. I will be staying 3 nights 7-10. Phone: 303-910-7912 or laurenmercedes23@gmail.com

  • Muhammad Ittefaq

    Hello guys, I am Ittefaq coming from Germany to attend this convention and first time ever visiting US. I am looking shared room. I do not smoke.
    004917630163117 my what’s app.
    I know it’s little bit late but I got visa late.
    Thanking you in anti

  • Luis Gomez

    Anyone still looking for a roommate? I still have not made reservations but if you have one and are looking for a good, clean, non-smoker roommate, I’m happy to split costs with you.

    Luis Gomez
    San Diego, CA
    SPJ San Diego
    Email: luis@camediajobs.com
    Phone: 626-485-5585
    Smoking or non-smoking (no preference)

  • Lisa Sahl

    Hi I have a room at the Anaheim Marriott where the convention will be held with two double – beds – perfect for sharing. I’m coming in in the late afternoon on 9/07 and will leave at about noon on 9/10. If anyone out there still is looking for a roommate deal, for two or three of these nights, please contact me. SPJ member NY. I’m coming in from NYC. You can reach me at las242@caa.columbia.edu or at 646-644-7217.

  • Maylan Lamhut Studart

    Hey friends, I posted here earlier, but my friend actually has an additional room to share!! Here’s her message if you need a room https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16ba3a6ca042937fd65ccd9432cc1fb0365593c520d54e432f7ed65e6fb371d2.jpg !: Hello #EIJ17 attendees! 🤗Anyone looking 4 a room? My hotel provided me w/an extra bed & I’m willing 2share. $80 a night. I have a tiny loving dog that will be staying in the room w/us, so U gotta be cool with that. Hotel is 10mins away from the conference. Text Sasha @ 818.964.3245

  • Sasha Gómez

    Hello #EIJ17 attendees! 🤗 Anyone looking 4 a room? My hotel provided me w/an extra bed & I’m willing 2share. $80 a night. I am here now till the 9th. I have a tiny loving dog that will be staying in the room w/us, so U gotta be cool with that. Hotel is 10mins away from the conference. Text me (Sasha) @ 818.964.3245

  • Briana Rice

    Hello, my name is Briana Rice. I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. I am apart of the University of Cincinnati chapter of SPJ as well as the Greater Cincinnati chapter of SPJ. My email address is riceb2@mail.uc.edu. My phone number 513-692-3238. I am a female. I’m 21. Please feel free to contact me at anytime! The sooner, the better

    • Kate

      — Kate Zickel
      — Washington, DC
      — RTDNA Member
      — 206-992-3058
      — female
      — non-smoking

  • Forrest Holt


    I am going to be checking in Wednesday night and checking out Sunday morning. I am a 22 year old male from Walla Walla, Washington. Send me an email if you’re interested at fjh1996@gmail.com

  • Colin

    Hi, I’m Colin from the Deadline Club, the SPJ’s professional chapter in New York City. I plan on checking in Friday evening and staying until Sunday morning. I’m traveling on behalf of my chapter so I’m interested in saving some money on the cost of a room. You can reach me at colinmdevries@gmail.com or 8456162269. I’m male and a non-smoker.

  • Hannah Marie Hyyaatt


    My name is Hannah Hyat and I am a senior at Salisbury University, and I am attending the conference on behalf of my chapter. I am planning on traveling to Baltimore Friday to Sunday for the conference and I am looking for a roommate to split the cost of a hotel room with! Please email me at hhyat1@gulls.salisbury.edu; if you those dates work for you and you are a female, don’t really care if you smoke or not, just PLEASE do not be messy.

  • Noor Ul Hayee

    My name is Noor-Ul-Hayee and i am student at TU-Ilmenau Germany and I am attending the conference and will be there from 27 till 29th. I am looking for a roommate to split the cost during my stay. Feel free to contact me at noorulhayee@gmail.com.

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